Misfits on the Links

It doesn't matter if your home course is like Augusta, Disgusta, or somewhere in between. Just wander the fairways of any of the more than 18,000 courses nationwide, and you will quickly discover there are certain universal golfer types that can always be found.
With its familiar and funny descriptions paired with clever caricatures, Misfits on the Links captures 40 readily identifiable species of golfers. Some of these freaks of the fairway are charming with their clumsy and clueless ways. Others? Well? Not so much.
This handy guide, which fits easily into your golf bag, will help you immediately identify these golfing goofballs.

  • The Mulligan Man: Drops balls indiscriminately, appearing to sow seeds like a latter-day Johnny Appleseed.
  • The Cart Gunner: Either slams brakes or guns gas pedal, always at the top of your golf swing.
  • The Club Chucker: Releases clubs in helicopter fashion, endangering those around him.


With its dead-on parodies, Misfits on the Links makes a great year-round gift for that golfing dad, and it could well be a staple in golf shops nationwide.

"Generally speaking, 'The Guru' couldn't hit snow if he slipped off an igloo. But just because he can't play a lick doesn't mean he can't help you, whether you want him to or not." from Misfits on the Links: A Golfer's Guide to Freaks Along the Fairway

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Misfits on the Links
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